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Interlibrary loans FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


Material not held in the RAU’s Library stock can be requested via the interlibrary loans service: we apply to other libraries (the British Library or other UK libraries) to see if they can lend a book to us or send a copy of an article or book chapter for teaching and research purposes.
Q. How do I make a request?
A. Before making a request, check the library catalogue and the Find it @ RAU discovery tool to make sure that the item you require is not already available via the RAU library. If you can find the item in Find it @ RAU, but it is not held by the Library, you will be presented with a link to an interlibrary loan form. Fill out the form with the bibliographic details of your chosen resource and submit the request form electronically. We will pick up the request and order it for you.   Alternatively, you can also fill in an online form available on the Library page on Gateway or in print at the Help Desk.
Q. Who can use the service?
The following groups of users can use this service:

•             Staff and research postgraduates: no set restrictions

•             Final year undergraduates and taught postgraduates: 10 requests per academic year. (Note: in certain circumstances the quota can be increased)

•             1st and 2nd year undergraduates: up to 3 requests per academic year

Q. How much do requests cost?
A. The Library / University covers the cost of interlibrary loan requests. Therefore we ask you to use the Interlibrary Loan service responsibly, and to request only those items you believe will contain substantial information and will be genuinely useful to your work. The fee for an article or book is set by the sending library. If any items remain uncollected you will be charged accordingly.
Q. Do copyright regulations apply?
A. Copyright regulations apply, and copyright declaration forms need to be signed when you submit a request or when you collect the item. So, if you need more than one article or chapter from the same publication, you may request a loan of the whole journal issue or book, or you may have to choose just one article from a journal issue or one chapter from a book.
Q. How long will I have to wait?
A. Most requests are met within 24-48 hours, but some items (books mainly) may take much longer, because they may be difficult to locate, or they may be in high demand.
Q. How do I get hold of my book or article?
A. See below:

·         Book loans

If you have requested a book, we will send you an email (to your University email account) to say it is ready for collection from the Help Desk in the Library.

·         Articles and chapters in electronic form

If you have requested a book chapter or article, it will usually be delivered to your university email account so that you can print it yourself. These documents are sent securely from the British Library’s On Demand service. In order to download and view your document a short initial registration process is required. Further details on how to do this can be found on the Library Page on Gateway Interlibrary Loan section or follow the instructions we send you via email.

·         Articles and chapters in print form

If we can’t get hold of your article from the British Library, or if you specifically request a   paper copy, you will receive a photocopy or a print-out which you can keep. These items will take longer to arrive than electronic ones. You must come to the Help Desk in the Library to collect it; you will receive an email when it is ready for collection.

Q. How long can I keep an interlibrary loan item for?
A. For whole books, the loan period varies depending on which library lends us the item. Renewal may not be possible, and the lending library may only allow consultation in our library, so it is not guaranteed that you will be able to take the book away with you. We do send you a reminder if your book is overdue, and if the item is not returned we send you a final demand notice, so it is important to return your items promptly. You can keep prints of articles and chapters indefinitely, but please note the time restrictions associated with printing documents delivered electronically.
Q. Requesting theses?
A. Many theses from other universities are available to download (full text) free of charge from the British Library’s EthOS (Electronic Theses Online Service). You self-register for this service. The RAU Library cannot order theses from EthOS on your behalf.
Q. Where can I get further information?
A. If you have any questions about interlibrary loans, please do contact us by email on



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