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RAU Library Green Impact Project


The RAU Library has been involved in the Green Impact project since November 2015.

How does it work?  

Green Impact is an accreditation programme run by the National Union of Students, and the main purpose is to encourage universities to become more environmentally aware and encourage positive behaviour changes in relation to the environment wherever possible.

Our team name is Greenlib

The way the project works is fairly straightforward:

  1. We work with an online ‘workbook’ containing a number of criteria which aim to make our library a more sustainable and environmentally friendly department.
  2. Our team implement the actions needed to meet the criteria and sign them off in the online workbook with accompanying evidence – all the actions are realistic and achievable and can be easily fitted into our day-to-day work.
  3. In February, we will have a student auditor come and take an audit of all the actions we have completed.
  4. If all is well we will be presented with an award for how well we have done.

What does the team gain?

By doing this:

  • We can learn valuable, transferrable skills in sustainability
  • It shows we are responding to top-down environmental targets and policies
  • We get the satisfaction of contributing towards a greener campus and doing our bit for the environment.
  • It creates a positive ethos, and encourages liaison with each other and with students
  • It can generate positive stories about the library

Benefits to the University

The benefits include:

  • Reduced waste
  • Reduced energy use
  • Consequent cost savings
  • Adoption of positive sustainable behaviours
  • Achievement of sustainability goals and carbon targets

So here are some green habits we have put into action and encourage our library users to help us sustain them:

Green Impact Public Noticeboard

Promoting all aspects of green initiatives in the library and highlighting sustainable practice.


Generating less waste, re-cycling and re-using as much as possible (newspapers, journals, books, cardboards, paper, batteries, envelopes, plastic bottles and cans)

Waste bins

Ensuring the availability of properly labelled bins for paper, general waste, plastic/cans

Temperature check

Maintaining an appropriate temperature in the library.  Library staff walk round the library identifying areas that are overheated or under heated, and then report to Estates facilities for adjustment.

Lighting and Equipment

Turning off the lights in the study carrels when not in use.  Some of library lights are sensor-controlled so they automatically switch on or off dependent on room occupancy.

Shutting down staff PCs at the end of each working day, and student PCs when the University is closed.

Ensuring monitors go into energy saving mode if not used for more than 10 minutes.


All library staff and student printers now have double sided printing capability, and this is the default setting.


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