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Farewell to our Archivist!

Lorna Parker, College/University Archivist for very nearly 13 years, said farewell to us on Friday 6th November 2015.


She has seen many changes over those years and as a good archivist should, she has recorded many of these changes for posterity.

She has really organised the institutional archives, made sure that they are conserved and catalogued and kept safe for future reference – and, importantly, made people much more aware that they exist.

She has also been instrumental in cataloguing the Historical Collection, and in assisting greatly with getting reprint permissions from publishers for the poetry anthology ‘Our Common Ground’ that the College published in 2011.  She also put a lot of time and effort into getting the Orwin Collection paintings into the University from their temporary home in Oxford and up on the walls of various university buildings as they are now.


Lorna brought a lot of added value to her role, and many people have benefitted from and appreciated her knowledge and the research she has done for them as far afield as Japan, and in uncovering interesting stories about the College.

We wish Lorna all the very best, and know that she has many interests that will keep her busy.



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