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Summary of Find it @ RAU survey 2014

At the beginning of December 2014 the Library ran a seven question survey (via Surveymonkey) in order to find out what our users thought of our new ‘one-stop’ search service called Find it @ RAU.  We wanted to know whether it had improved their research experience since it was launched in October.

The sample return was understandably small so soon after the launch, but we got some very positive feedback nevertheless.

Here is a summary of the responses:

When asked “Overall how would you rate Find it @ RAU” 30% of respondents rated the service ‘Excellent’, 32% gave it a ‘Very Good’ rating and 35% rated it as ‘Good’.





We also asked “What do you most like about Find it @ RAU?” The recurring theme was the ease of use and access. Some of the comments are listed below:

  •  “It brings everything together and makes it much easier to find results and collate useful literature.”  
  • “It offers access to a variety of books and journal sources all in one place.”
  • “That it is a one-stop-shop! This is a huge improvement on previously!”
  • “Great to have it linked with EndNote.”
  • “It’s one search engine all in one place and you can search terms and find things from journals you would never have thought of looking for (or heard of).”
  • “Easy and fast to find articles and refine results, as well as easy to order journal articles via inter-library loan.”
  •  “Easy to access all sources in one search.”
  • “Totally awesome!”


The responses to the questions “Is there anything you dislike about Find it @ RAU?” andCan we change anything to make Find it @ RAU easier or better to use?” showed us that students in general seem very happy and satisfied with this new tool, but unsurprisingly (given its newness) there was some lack of appreciation of the rich features already existing in Find it @ RAU.

You said Our response
It is hard to tell sometimes if the full text is available online or in the library, or not at all. We have worked hard to improve this aspect for you and full-text availability should now be much more clear.
You sometimes get a very big number of results. Yes, so you need to become familiar with the options for refining your results on the left-hand side.  Using these properly will greatly reduce the number of results, as well as improve their relevancy.
Quite often the resources don’t seem to be accessible.


We have now added a lot more full-text, and there is an option to choose to show only those results for which full-text is available.
I don’t like how it’s not always immediately clear how relevant the journal article is in terms of the country it’s examining. You need to refine your results using the ‘Geography’ filter on the left-hand side.
It’s very similar to ScienceDirect.


Searching only ScienceDirect is very limiting.  It only searches journals published by Elsevier. Find it @ RAU searches ScienceDirect, plus Wiley, Taylor & Francis and numerous other sources and publishers all from one place.
Doesn’t link with university library so some journals do not show up.


Find it @ RAU does include all the library’s holdings.  You can search only these by limiting by ‘Catalogue only’ on the left-hand side.
Make the results for journal articles clearer.


You can already refine your results to show only journal articles (and further refine by peer-reviewed articles only if you wish)


However, some people are clearly happy with Find it @ RAU just as they found it:

  • “No, nothing needs changing – it’s a really excellent resource.”
  • “Don’t change anything.  It works really well for me already.”
  • “It’s completely perfect as it is.”

So thank you to everyone who responded to the Find it @RAU survey a few months ago. We will run another survey to build on these results towards the end of this academic year.

Meanwhile your comments and queries are helping us build up a list of FAQs to assist future users of Find it @ RAU.



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