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Badgers & Bovine TB: not just a black and white issue?


• Is culling the badger population an effective means of reducing the incidence of bovine TB?
• Are the already beleaguered dairy farmers getting the support from government that they need?
• What is the role of vaccination? Of cattle movement control?
• Why has Australia been able to eliminate bovine TB when the UK hasn’t?


The RAU Library’s current display focuses on the badger cull and bovine tuberculosis. This issue raises some serious concerns in the UK over: food safety; animal welfare; conservation; farming practices; veterinary science; government policy and so forth.

Library literature such as books, journal articles, dissertations, parliamentary reports (in print or online) might shed some light on the complex and challenging issues involved and help or stimulate our students’ research.


We recommend that you use one-stop search Find it @ RAU available on Gateway as your starting point for further research.


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