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The most popular RAU Library books and eBooks: Jan – Jun 2014

The RAU Library thought you might be interested to see which titles have been most popular in the 6 months between January and June 2014. It will come as no surprise that many of the 10 most consulted/borrowed books and eBooks are core texts for various programmes.

top books

10 Most Popular eBooks from Ebrary Jan –Jun 2014

1 A-Z Food Safety
2 Achieving Sustainable Development
3 Adapting to the Impacts of Climate Change
4 Advances in Food Science and Technology
5 Agricultural Biotechnology and Transatlantic Trade: Regulatory Barriers to GM Crops
6 Agriculture Issues and Policies: Local Food Systems: Background and Issues
7 Air Pollution Economic Modelling and Control Policies
8 Animals, Property, and the Law
9 Assessment of Improved Crop Production Technologies
10 Avian Gut Function in Health and Disease

10 Most downloaded eBooks from Dawsonera Jan –Jun 2014

1 Smith and Keenan’s English Law
2 Equine Applied and Clinical Nutrition
3 Building Services Handbook
4 Essentials of Marketing
5 Compulsory Purchase and Compensation
6 Research Methods for Business Students
7 The good research guide
8 Researching and Writing a Dissertation: An essential guide for business students
9 Introducing Property Valuation
10 Financial Accounting

10 Most popular eBooks from Dawsonera (read online) Jan –Jun 2014

1 Smith and Keenan’s English Law
2 Compulsory Purchase and Compensation
3 Nutrition of the exercising horse
4 Equine Applied and Clinical Nutrition
5 Agricultural Valuations
6 Essentials of Marketing
7 Introducing Property Valuation
8 Building Services Handbook
9 Introduction to research methods
10 Consumer Behaviour 5th edn

Top 10 most borrowed books from our library catalogue Jan – June 2014

1 Farm management pocketbook
2 Agricultural law
3 The agricultural budgeting & costing book: No.77 (Nov) 2013
4 Soils and their use in South West England: [Sheet 5]
5 The agricultural notebook
6 Soils and their use in South East England: [Sheet 6]
7 Equine applied and clinical nutrition: health, welfare and performance
8 Human resource management
9 Nutrient requirements of horses
10 Parry’s valuation and investment tables


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