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Victorian Farm Implements


Farm tools were (and still are) of great importance to the development of agriculture. With this in mind, the RAU Library has a new display created by Lorna Parker, RAU Archivist, entitled “Victorian Farm Implements” which features a selection of tools that were used until the advent of mechanisation.
These tools are mainly related to harvesting and give us a good idea of the type of equipment that might have used in Victoria era.

The farm tools on display, which were donated to the RAU by Cheltenham Art Gallery and Museum in 2013, include :

1. Horse Harness strap c. 19th century.
2. Mystery horse-drawn harvesting tool possibly used in Victoria era

An alumnus suggested that this type of instrument was used by his forebears in West Lothian in Victorian times:
The loops in front were attached to a horse which pulled the contraption along the harvested fields….its brought together the small bits not lifted by the people following the reapers, into larger heaps –presumably making the “tidy up” much easier.


3. Corn dolly traditionally made with last sheaf of corn to be cut.
4. Pickthank-tool used with a small sickle in the 19th century to harvest watercress.
5. Victorian farm workers’ boots.


Please take a moment to look at this interesting display in the Library!


One comment on “Victorian Farm Implements

  1. Sara
    May 14, 2014

    These items are fantastic! Such a great testament to the history of farming.

    The Faculty of Agronomy of the University of Milan, Italy, together with 2 other major universities in Milan, contributes to the Museum of the History of Agriculture in Sant’Angelo Lodigiano, near Lodi (south of Milan). The Museum was inaugurated in 2011 and has attracted a lot of visitors since.

    More info here:
    and here:

    Such displays are so important to reach the public and show the vital importance of agriculture in our lives, no matter how technological they may be now 🙂

    Happy to see the RAU proudly showcasing these artefacts!

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