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University Business has been at the heart of the university commercial and management sector for the past six years. During this time the magazine has become regarded as the guidebook for university professionals and built a reputation as a recognised and valued voice within higher education.

University Business is read by senior management across 165 UK Universities and over 350 Higher Education and Further Education colleges throughout the UK, who manage all aspects of running a university or FEI.

A definitive resource for every professional working in the commerical higher education sector, University Business’ expert editorial board helps mould editorial features, industry insight and intellegent content.

Working closely with UK HE organisations, including ABS, UCAS, BUCS, UCISA, EAUC, CUBO and ASRA, the publication is a platform to promote and cover their events as well as their activities and initiatives, whilst distributing the magazine to their members.


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Quote of the Moment

"it is not enough just to be good at what you do anymore. You also have to be adept at communicating the good and what it means to your customers" - Melinda Kenneway, 2007, Serials 20 (2) Marketing the Library


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