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Endnote Web

Are you are struggling with referencing and citing?   Here is a  useful tool for you which can help you be organized and save time!

Endnote Web will  enable you to:

  • collate, annotate and organize references from a wide variety of online data sources such as PubMed and Web of Knowledge via direct export, online search, or importing text files.
  • create reference lists and add or import citations from other databases into your own personal collection of references.
  • share your references with other EndNote Web users
  • integrate with MS Word to create in-text references as well as footnotes or endnotes.

 The easiest way to set up your EndNote Web account is to go to Web of Knowledge at: and on the right hand side of the page you will see a section headed Customize Your Experience.  Assuming that you haven’t already registered, click on the Register link and follow the prompts.

Below is a link to a Quick Guide, but please note that some of these features will be easier to enable on your own laptop than on a College PC.


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