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Long service award!

Principal handed in the voucher to Chris....with a smile!

Principal hands the vouchers to Chris….with a smile!

On Thursday 17th June, the Principal awarded long-service vouchers to Chris Sutcliffe in the College Library. Chris first started working as a library assistant at the RAC in 1984. Of course Chris has seen many changes in the College and in Library work since that time. Remember card catalogues, anyone?

She told the Principal that she had originally intended to work only until her children had grown up, but now she is a grandmother of two and still here!

If ever you wondered how all the tens of thousands of books in the Library got onto the shelves then you should know that they all, at some point or other, will have passed through Chris’s hands on the way there.

The Library team would like to offer Chris their congratulations on what is a milestone achievement in anyone’s book.

Peter Brooks
Head of Library Services


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Quote of the Moment

“But after all, in a library as in a business, the best advertising is that done by good service. The good library is its own best advertisement” – John Cotton Dana


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