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Placing a reservation online

If all the copies of an item you need are on loan, you can make a reservation so that when the item is returned it is put aside for you.  You can place a reservation yourself via the library catalogue by searching for the item and then clicking on the “Reserve a copy” icon which appears below the book details.

Reserve a copy

You will then be prompted to login to the system by entering the barcode from your College ID card.


After clicking “Submit” you will be taken to a screen with the details of the book.

Notice that in this example, only the overnight and general loan copies of this book are displayed.  This is because it is not possible to place a reservation on short loan books.

Submit reservation

This screen also shows you when the books are due back how many reservations have been placed on this book by other students.  This should give you a rough idea of when you can expect to get the book.

When you place a reservation on a book, the reservation is placed on all the copies displayed here, and whichever copy is returned first will be held for you.  It is not necessary to place multiple holds on the same book.

If you wish to place a reservation on a particular loan category (ie a general loan copy, not an overnight loan copy) please let the library staff member know.

At this point the reservation has not yet been placed.  In order to confirm the reservation, click on the “Submit” button.

The following message is then displayed:

Thank you for your reservation. You will be notified by email when the item is available for you to collect

You can check the progress of your reservation by logging into “My Account” in the library catalogue.  This shows the fact that the reservation is confirmed, and whether or not the book is ready to pick up.

Checking progress

The item will be held at the library desk for you for two full working days.  If you do not collect the item in that time it will go to the next person in the reservation list, or be returned to the shelves. 


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