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Interlibrary loans direct to your desktop!

This new academic year the library wants to be able to deliver interlibrary loan photocopy requests direct to your computers rather than making you physically collect hard copies from the library.  As well as the speed and convenience there is also a cost saving involved.
You will get an e-mail to your College account that provides you with a link to a secure server holding a pdf file of the requested document.  Using this link and adobe acrobat reader (version 6 or 7) you will then download and print the document.

At first only academic staff will be offered this service, but later we will extend it to students.

This service called SED or Secure Electronic Delivery:
What is SED?
Secure Electronic Delivery (or SED)
is a new way for the library to provide requested photocopies to your computer, rather than you having to collect them from the Library Counter.
The system will use the College Email system exclusively to provide you with a link to a secure server storing a .pdf file (portable document format) of the requested article.  Using this link and Adobe Acrobat Reader (Version 6 or 7) you will download the document.
There are some important restrictions for printing or downloading the pdf:
• You must download the document within 14 days of the date on the forwarded email
• You have only one attempt at downloading the file – you are only allowed to access the document from the secure server once. So do not click on the link if you don’t intend to download the document immediately.
• The file will only be accessible for viewing and / or printing for 14 days after being downloaded
• You can only print the file once – we suggest that you print a copy as soon as you can after you have downloaded the document.
• Saved files retain the same restrictions
• You cannot alter the file in any way although, if allowed by your version of Acrobat Reader, you may be able to add brief notes
• If using an open / public access computer you must ensure that your drive has sufficient space to ‘handle’ the downloaded document and, if required, you MUST make your printed copy of the file immediately after downloading.  You will not be able to access the document again once you have logged-off from an open / public access computer.
PS. Library Privilege documents supplied by secure electronic delivery must not be stored electronically. You must delete the file as soon as a single paper copy has been printed.
This new service will start in October 2007. 
Meanwhile please ask if you have any questions, or would like clarification.


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